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The Razor's Edge

This blog designed to help me focus on my life purpose: Listening for the Voice of God within. This purpose confused me for years until I realized that I was to listen for the voice within me, and once I heard that voice, I could hear it in others. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am the source of the listening (not the voice) so that others may hear the voice for themselves.

I will use this forum to expose my foibles and successes, acknowledging the choices along the way. My biggest sin is allowing television to become my escape and he place where I have chosen to express my emotion and live out my dreams. I am the author of three books, and yet I have become more interested in the stories written for the 'boob tube' than I am in my own life experiences.

I have spent my life living on the line of being extremely generous and unbelievably selfish. Never really committing to either, I live on the razor's edge. My businesses have failed because I focus on extraneous pursuits. I have failed to expand nor excite my passion, or open my heart in a genuine and unique way. 

My life shows up the world exactly the way I designed it through the choices have made.

Because of my choices, I am unhealthy, alone, and I am emotionally, spiritually, physically & financially bankrupt. Strangely enough, I am not unhappy, just unfulfilled. I have resisted my life purpose for long enough. 

Moreover, I commit each week to a yoga and chakra balance routine. Most weeks, it is a commitment unfulfilled. This lack of commitment empowers the bankruptcies listed above. Since these foibles have led to my current situation, I communicate my successes and failures on this blog.